Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sample Sunday

Yikes! What happened? Is it possible that all that Christmas shopping, cooking, trips to the kids' school 4 times a day, etc. made me neglect this poor little blog?

Nah, that couldn't be it.

Now laziness . . . yep, that would be it.

To make up for this total lack in commitment to this little site, I'm going to share a little bit of my newest WIP, The Sidekick. There's not much, and this will probably change considerably (as in, be totally rewritten several times, cut from the manuscript completely or some other such hideous fate), so read at your own risk and laugh if you feel the need!

Here it goes:

Donal. The name means “World Leader.” Figures. Know what my name, Cairne, means? “Pile of rocks.” Yeah, you read it right. Guess our parents had us pegged at birth.
No one believes we're twins, either. Hell, I don't even believe it. Distant cousins, twice removed, maybe. Brothers – doubtful. Twins? Nope. Just not plausible. My writing teacher, Ms. Beechwood, would tell me to stop right there. Suspending belief is one thing, but you have to make it sound good. Or at least almost believable.
Now get this. You're going to think I'm totally stoned with this one. You're going to roll your eyes and give me that sure-you're-just-another-emo-liar look, but I swear it's true.
Donal has super powers.
For one thing, he's super strong. I'm not talking bench-350-in-the-gym strong, either. He's more like pick-up-that-full-sized-Ford 350-and-toss-it strong. Only he's not supposed to let anyone know that part. Not unless he's wearing his mask.
That's right. Mask. He's got a spandex suit, too.
It's okay. I completely understand. Why should you believe me?
Hear that? Sounds like you're going to get a rare, front-row seat. Better hang on. This is totally going to blow your mind.