Tuesday, September 6, 2011

We Have a Winner!

Here are all the entries (in a bowl, because I couldn't find a good hat) surrounded by a few of the prizes. See I told you the bouncy balls were cool! (My Kindle just had to get into the act, too. Sorry about that.)

And then I picked out the GRAND PRIZE WINNER:

Everyone give a round of applause for JOSEPH MILLER and his WerePlaytpus!


 Another round of applause for AEICHA and her WereGuppie (AKA the WereShark-Wannabe).

Finally, I drew out the SECOND PRIZE WINNER:

And it's Billy Burgess and his WereZombie!

As for the THIRD PRIZE WINNERS, that would be the rest of you (namely Dolly, Cherry and Jodelle).

Thank you to all of you who participated.

Now for the logistics of it all: Could all of you send me your mailing addresses/email addresses so I can send out the prizes (emails for the gift certificates and mailing for the "goodies"). Please send them to debi l faulkner (at) g mail (dot) com (in the usual no-spaces format, of course). I promise not to keep or abuse your addresses in any way whatsoever.