Friday, February 11, 2011

Banding Together

Here's the thing, when indie publishing, all the marketing is up to you, the author. While even the bigger publishers are expecting their authors to do more and more of their own marketing, when you are the author and the publisher, then all of the marketing comes down to  . . . you.

And if you're like me, that's a very scary proposition. I don't do public appearances. Scheduling a signing for an e-book would be . . . well, difficult at best. Other than bombarding your friends with news of your book, what is an author to do?

That's where the whole idea of banding together comes in. There are a quite a few of us indie authors who write for adults or for young adults, but who have also managed to write a few books for the younger crowd, too. I have LilyPad Princess, for example. Since most kids in that target age range don't own Kindles, Nooks or iPads, the audience is limited at best.

But parents own eReaders. Sometimes, parents will even allow their precious little ones (the eReaders!) into the hands of their offspring. When that happens, they need to have appropriate reading material.

Now there's a central place to find just that! It's called Kidz Like 2 e-Read, and you can find it on Goodreads or on Facebook. A groups of writers with books aimed at ages 7-11 have joined forces to give you, the parents of children who need age-appropriate (and fun!) books to read in a digital format, a central place to look for these books.

Come and check us out! Say hi, introduce yourselves and let us know what's on your mind. And maybe, if you find something you (and that young one in your family) like, download a book or two.

Kidz Like 2 e-Read on Goodreads

Kidz Like 2 e-Read on Facebook



  1. Hey, Debi, great post. My mater's e-book, MY SUPERHERO SISTER, is appropriate for MG so I'll have to find a way to join those groups.

    I'll also link your blog to mine:


  2. Excellent! The more people join, the more we all benefit!

  3. Hey Debi, just subscribed by RSS. And, FYI, I own both an iPad and a Kindle. I'll check out your books!

  4. Excellent, Brian! Hope you like them!

  5. Hi Debi, I love the groups. What a great idea. My eBook Velvet Ball and The Broken Fairy is suitable for children aged seven to twelve, but I've also sold it to adults as it's fantasy.

    I'll add a link of this blog to mine too.

  6. I've just added this blog to my blog links, Debi.