Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Available on Amazon, too!

Somehow, Miscellaneous Monday has morphed into Tuesday . . . Sorry about that!

But I do have some very good news. Summoning is now available on Amazon.com. Just follow this link:


And because I haven't really mentioned what this book is all about, I thought you'd like the "blurb":

Seven-year-old Meredith Pennyfather is determined to save her family's home by going to work at Raedwald Castle. Despite her efforts, her parents are evicted a year later. During the years that follow, two thoughts haunt her: the whereabouts of her parents and the safety of her own soul. Meredith learns early on that her employer, the Vicar, once a merciless witch hunter, is not above using the dark art to fulfill his own evil desires when she witnesses him summoning the devil, Legion. The Vicar pays for the demon's help with his tarnished soul and the promise of an innocent: Meredith. Realizing Legion's sinister powers could easily find her parents, Meredith sets about learning the craft, though she is reluctant to use her knowledge - at first.

After fulfilling her seven-year contract with the vicar, fifteen-year-old Meredith leaves Raedwald, penniless and homeless, for a position at Strathclyde Manor. No longer an indentured servant, she is desperate to be reunited with her parents, if only she knew where to find them. She turns to what she sees as her only option: black magic. Caught in the act, Meredith is imprisoned for witchcraft, found guilty and sentenced to death. She has only one remaining ally - Jonas - but his devotion threatens his life, too. Meredith fears seeking Legion's help again - she knows the price will be her soul. But the truth is, there is just one way to save her friend: one last SUMMONING.

The stories of Meredith's life at Raedwald and her attempt to begin again at Strathclyde are woven together in alternating chapters. Mirroring the Vicar's path, she follows a trail of evil, betrayal and pain. But while the Vicar's greed draws him ever closer to darkness, Meredith fights to choose a brighter path.

So, anyone interested?

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