Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Book of the Day

Today's Book of the Day is a fantasy -- Paint World, a Dragon's Orb by Tela Wallen. Here's the blurb:

If they paint it they are able to walk right into it. If they draw it, it becomes a reality that can decorate a whole room. If they cook it, it is so mouth watering that you can’t get enough.

Three brothers and one newly turned vampire must work together in order to save Tempest’s parents from Dathrin. The youngest of the brothers is Gabriel who has learned to deal very effectively with his epilepsy. Teamed with his best friend, Drake, they make a formidable duo in the art of catering. William, the oldest brother, is terribly jealous of the attention Gabriel gets due to his condition and tends to brood over things and lash out at those people closest to him.

When William learns that he is to become the next Canvaser in charge of all of Paint World he feels as though he is finally getting his way, until he learns that Gabriel and Drake have always been a part of Paint World without realizing it due to the powers that flow within their mom and dad. He questions his own position within the family as well as Paint World and has to learn some hard lessons before deciding to work with his brothers instead of against them.

Tempest’s parents created an all seeing orb that Dathrin must have in order to finally rule all of Paint World. He will kill her parents if she doesn’t bring him this orb that she didn’t even know existed until now. They must find the orb then somehow save her parents. Gabriel will be asked to make the biggest sacrifice of all in the name of love and friendship.

You can get this book now from Amazon.

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