Tuesday, November 16, 2010

And the Winner is . . .

Dawn Judd!

Dawn suggested the name Gemini Falls, and I just love it. It works with the idea of the twins, and it sounds just right to my ear . . .

Thank you, Dawn!

But, I'm so thankful for everyone who participated, that I decided to expand the contest rules just a bit. In addition to the $15 Amazon Gift Certificate (and the honor of having her city-name-suggestion used in my book) that Dawn will receive, I also wrote the names of everyone who suggested a name on a piece of paper and drew two out of a bowl (sorry, no hats available).

These lucky people will each receive a $10 Gift Certificate: Elizabeth Penney and Daniel Pyle.

So, Dawn, Elizabeth and Daniel, please send me an email at debilf at hotmail dot com, and I'll get those GC's out to you!

Thank you, everyone, for playing along with me.

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