Saturday, November 13, 2010

Wacky Weekend -- Confession

For this week's Wacky Weekend, I thought I'd make a wacky confession -- a guilty pleasure.

I love nice pens.

Okay, so this isn't Earth-shattering or anything, but it's true. I adore handmade pens, and my absolute favorites come from here:


I found my first one on ebay way back before I wrote Summoning, and fell in love. In fact, I wrote the entire first draft (literally) with that pen. The weight, the balance, the way the ink flowed . . . all perfect. So, over the years, I've acquired a couple more.

Never disappointed, either!

In fact, just today, I spent a bit of time on my latest WIP using one of my D'Court pens.

Okay, enough of my wacky confessions -- what guilty pleasure do you have?

Oh, and don't forget to add your suggestions for the name of the city in my new WIP! You only have until midnight Monday to win you chance at a $15 Amazon Gift Certificate! Name My City contest.

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